RFK Team Challenge


Parent/Student Team Challenge Sponsored by Running for Kicks 7158 W 127th St, Palos Heights, IL

This unique family based challenge is based primarily on the placement of each team member in their respective age group and the actual times are only used secondarily as a tie breaker.


  • Two member teams
  • One member must be a parent
  • Second member must be son/daughter of parent, and be a student(grammar school, junior high, high school or college)
  • Both team members(Parent and Student) must first register for the 2017 Giant pumpkin 5K Run/Walk.
  • Teams must register by sending an email with confirmation number or full names of team members to giantpumpkin5k@gmail.com, see Facebook or website for details

Awards and Place Determination

  • Awards to top 3 teams
    First Place Team also receives a pair of running shoes for each team member from our sponsor Running for Kicks
  • Top 3 teams are based on the place of each team member in their age group.
    Each team member is assigned a number value equal to their place in their age group such as 1 for 1st, 2 for 2nd, or 3 for 3rd. The assigned number value for the two team members are added together for their team score. The top 3 places will be based on the lowest to highest team scores. If there are two teams with the same team score the tie breaker will be based on the teams lowest total time based on the sum of the parent’s time and the student’s time.


  • Team A parent finished 3rd in their age group, student finishes 6th in their age group, Team A has a team score of 9.
  • Team B parent finishes 1st in their age group, student finishes 5th in their age group, Team B has a team score of 6.
  • Team C parent finishes 2nd in their age group, student finishes 3rd in their age group, Team C has a team score of 5.

Top 3 Places
First Place Team C with team score of 5
Second Place Team B with team score of 6
Third Place Team A with team score of 9